I’m Not Always Right.

In fact, I really don’t know much about being your dad. Then again, you don’t know much about being my son, or a person at all. I would actually say I kind of suck right now, but you forgive me pretty easily. One thing is certain, you may thing—at least for the very short amount of time—that I am always right.

There will be many times that I make decisions that will impact your life. There is a better-than-average likelihood that I will make mistakes. Let’s agree that neither one of us is perfect. I mean, you still poop in your pants.

The point of all of this, this exploration, is to show you what life is like as your dad. Maybe you’ll be able to forgive some of the mistakes I make along the way. But the two of us are going to be great. You are going to be great. Maybe I can learn to be a better person and a better father.

So this is dedicated to you, kiddo. Let’s begin this adventure.

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