It’s You I Like.

I watched an awards speech just now by Mr. Rodgers; he has since passed, but not before inspiring more than one generation. During his speech he asked for the audience to think of one person that has helped you to become the person you are today. I only thought of you.

beautiful - it sucks to grow up dad blog

What better way to convey the message of beauty than staring at the ass-end of a buck? So majestic.

You’re sick again today, and you cannot tell us what’s wrong yet. You don’t have the words, but I am looking forward to the day you do. Not only because you can tell us when you’re hurting, but you can tell us when you’re happy. We’ll get to know each other, we will be able to hear each other’s thoughts. That’s going to be pretty amazing.

I don’t have to go back to read my previous posts to know how gloomy I’ve been. It’s not because I am sad, kiddo. And I don’t want you to think the world is a sad place, because it is not. There is so much beauty that surrounds us, but sometimes it’s hard to see. Not because it’s hidden from us; it hasn’t been taken away or kept locked up. But our minds tend to focus on tiny bits, little things like money and work and oil changes, countless distractions.

You’ve been in pain the last two days, and it’s hard to see you suffering. But I am also a little selfish when you feel bad because what you want more than anything is to be held, for me to be with you. You snuggle and hold onto me. You get upset when I walk out of the room. We have a lot of fun together, even when you’re feeling bad, because we are together. When you’re feeling great you are so independent, you laugh, you run, you play. But when you are sick, I am reminded about how much you need me. Let’s keep that, but maybe have it in smaller doses, yeah? Right now you should focus on not eating other kid’s boogers.

We’ve got a long road ahead of us, and we’re going to have a blast kiddo. Even when you’re sick, or sad, or mad, just remember: It’s You I Like.

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