All Your Eggs (are belong to us) in One Basket.

Eggs and Baskets…

It’s Easter this weekend, hence the title—it’s catchy, albeit cliche. You got to meet the Easter Bunny for the first time. Some kids are terrified of big strangle costumes on people, but you were thrilled. It’s becoming more apparent that you’re pretty fearless and undeniably energetic. I told a woman in the store the other day that I don’t quite know if you’ve ever walked before; you just run.

Since I’m on a roll with the cliche’s let us continue, shall we?

Sometimes the chickens hatch in the baskets where…the eggs…are before…never mind.

easter eggs in one basket

See? Every one of these eggs is in this basket.

We shouldn’t get our hopes up. That’s a common theme you’ll hear as you age. It’s really miserable, actually. I mean, why not? There is little to get truly excited about later in life (not to say that life isn’t exciting, but the kind of catch-you-off-guard exciting that exasperates you, that’s rare). So I say put your eggs in whatever basket you want. Get excited about everything, even before it comes, because when you’re excited you know you really want something. That desire motivates you.

Sometimes We Get Disappointed.

Many times, really. But that’s part of life, and it’s how we choose to deal with the disappointments that can create us. There’s a quote from Thomas Edison about figuring out how not to make a light bulb, quoting it here is even too cliche for me; you’ll have plenty of time to hear it everywhere else. Instead of letting your defeats control you, let them inspire you to be a better person, to work harder, to take care of more people, to live more. That’s the point of all this, living.

Hey. You Made It.

And the times that things work out? They happen every moment. You are here, reading this now. That means things worked out. You’re alive and you can read—the former is arguably more important than the latter. So here we are, actually living in the future. Now what do we do with all this knowledge we’ve both obtained over the years? That’s pretty much up to us. Maybe drink a beer and talk about how great it was living in the “old days” before self-driving cars and sex bots were readily available. (again, the former is arguably more important than the latter, depending on how weird you are, I suppose) The constant mentioning of sex bots is no indication of my readiness for the technology. Seriously… Maybe… I’m weird.

how to fist - it sucks to grow up

I think this was meant to be motivational. Like a celebratory gesture for accomplishing. But it looks more like a how-to diagram on Fisting to me… Take it as you will. The power is yours.

You’ve got a challenge ahead of you kiddo, just making it. It sucks to grow up, as has been mentioned at least once. But only if you let it. Let’s just try to be better people tomorrow than we were today.

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