Fixin’ the Unbroken.

fixing shit - itsuckstogrowup

It doesn’t happen so often as this late age, kiddo; inspiration. Sometimes you see something, read something, hear something that catches hold. It becomes a piece of you, even if it’s only temporary. The short-term displacement resonates, if only for a while. I’m watching a show called Chef’s Table on…

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Being Grateful

gummy legos - it sucks to grow up

    Since 2007, life has been a series of troubles, one after the next. After 13 years of a series of financial troubles I can finally say that we’re skating through, friend. We are, finally, not living paycheck to paycheck.       For a brief rundown, life has progressed…

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In To It.

ferris wheel - it sucks to grow up

 Hey Remember That Time When I Did That Thing? When I was a kid I have to very defining moments when I did something I didn’t like, but I did it well. I played on a soccer team called The Dynamites—I generally picked flowers on the field. Your grandfather coached…

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Give a Little Bit.

You ate shit on the playground today at school. It wasn’t really my fault, but I distracted you. You’ve got the foot-skills, but your lack-luster mastery of multitasking is apparent. There’s some irony with your face being broken open on a fire hydrant, designed exclusively to protect people, that isn’t lost…

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