Learning to Share

I have no idea why the post has this picture. But you love saying “cheeseburger” all the time. You never eat the damn things, but you say it all the time.

This is a big one, kiddo. You won’t know how big tomorrow is going to be, because you’re young and full of love and curiosity and energy; and you’re carefree. But tomorrow I am going to share you. Your mother and I are going to share you with someone new.

I have a feeling that one day this moment will come into question. You’ll want to know how things came to be as they are. Why Mom and Dad aren’t together anymore, and how we ended up the way we are. Ostensibly, people grow and change and bump into new people along our own personal journeys. Your mother and I changed over time, and our relationship got lost along the way. We could have tried harder, sure, but in our own relentless pursuits, we knew happiness was easier made with friendship. Your mother and I are friends, and we always will be—in a less-than-normal kinda way. We actually give a shit. This is how we know we made the right decision, because everyone is happier as things are now. And as for you, you’re loved more every day by more people every day.

So tomorrow you meet the new addition to the large group of people that love and will love you. We’ve practiced her name a few times, and the best you can muster right now is Zac—you aren’t so great with the “j” sound quite yet; you’ll get there. It has not been a decision that was easily made, however. You’re more important to me than anything or anyone else, and I am terribly jealous with your affection. So your mother and I have talked about it, and I’ve done my research. For lack of a better term, I have interviewed her as a potential addition to our family, and depending on what age you’re reading this, you know how serious that is. (if you’re 14, you probably want to marry any hot girl that touches your hand, but if you’re 34 you’re prettttttty good about not rushing into to things at this point; hopefully)

There are a lot of things to consider when making this introduction. Not just for her and I, but for your mother as well. It’s a very big deal for all of us. Our first priority is how you feel. To be fair, you probably won’t give a shit, because you love everyone. You pretty much get attached to the grocery cashier at Walmart. You’re still young enough that as you grow older, this life will be normal to you. You won’t remember the days when your mother and I lived together and shared you exclusively. But we will. We also have a shitload of pictures and videos of you to show for it. But this transition won’t really be that much of a transition for you. Another reason why your mother and I decided early on that this was the best decision. Because we wanted to make your life as happy as possible.

You’ll get used to the new face, and the new stories and the new puppies and the new person pushing you on the swing. It will just be an addition to the growing group of people that love you desperately.

Also, and this is important. Your mother will never be replaced as your mother. It is important, not just for her but for me, that you understand the difference between mom and dad and the other additions. However, the new additions to your life will create a new place in your heart that never existed before. They will occupy their own places, and those places will be just as important to you as they are to us. We know that, and that’s why we have thought this through.

But tomorrow is about hanging out with the cousins, opening some bad ass presents, and eating some great food. Don’t worry, about a thing. Every little thing, is gonna be alright.



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