Tomorrow There’ll be More of Us.

It’s been a bit, kiddos. I haven’t forgotten but I’ve been…distracted. I am not growing up to be the person that I expected. I’ve traded many things, my loves. I am, after all, writing to more of you than expected and that’s been a wild ride that was less expected.

Life is weird and it’s really fucking cool, guys. I get to play video games with my best friend and then immediately melted by the sweetest, sassiest stare from the sweetest, most determined little girl. I have no idea how I got here with all this but holy shit it’s great. It’s also hard.

2020 has been a god-damn-mother-fucking-shithole of a year. We’re under quarantine due to COVID-19 and nobody is taking it seriously so more people are dying every day and nobody seems to care. In the meantime we’re at home making this work-from-home-in-perpetuity lifestyle work with limited-to-no success. The only solace is that everyone else is fucked too: kids, professionals, churches, strippers, bars, bookstores… It’s a mess.

We’re doing it though, kiddos. We’re making it. We’re thriving. Our family is better than ever, stronger than ever, and happier than ever. But the world is missing, little friends. We’re missing everything and it’s passing us by. We’re not exploring and experiencing and witnessing.

I am bitter, friends. I see people taking this pandemic lightly. I hear people making jokes about the Black Lives Matter movement. People can’t afford insulin. Cops are beating and killing people. Politicians escape prosecution for treason. 12% of people are unemployed while billionaires get away with the biggest wealth redistribution in history. We live in a failed state.

We’re okay. We’re healthy. We’re comfortable in our bubble. We can keep you safe and ignorant of all of this but hope for a better future. I fear we’re heading toward the only possible resolution and it’s going to come in your lifetime, kids. We’ve fucked this world up and we can’t fix it.

I promise to be the beginning of the change. I see it and now it needs to be fixed. I know there needs to be a revolution but I am unable to sacrifice what we’ve built for you, our sanctuary. I am not brave enough to put my family in danger. I am moving the needle. I will support you in every way so you can both change the world. Be better than me, like I am better than mine.

I hope you don’t wear the world on your shoulders, my beautifuls. I hope you’re able to focus on your life and happiness an health and leave the rest behind. If that doesn’t work, then escape. Find it elsewhere. There is no such thing as The American Dream and the United States is not the greatest country in the world. You find where you’re happiest.

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