I’m Not Ready Yet.


You’re growing up. The last two years you’ve gone from barely stringing together fractured thoughts to relaying your dreams in detail, recounting events long since passed, and expressing your excitement about the future. In retrospect, it’s happening faster than I thought it would. It’s now 2018, as of a little…

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Leaving Most Unsaid

When Life Ends

It’s Halloween this week, kiddo. Jacqueline and I have an elaborate party to attend, and you’ll be spending the evening at your grandmother’s house. You love it there and we’ll go Trick or Treating on the 31st, because how else are we supposed to get candy for the rest of…

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Being Grateful

gummy legos - it sucks to grow up

    Since 2007, life has been a series of troubles, one after the next. After 13 years of a series of financial troubles I can finally say that we’re skating through, friend. We are, finally, not living paycheck to paycheck.       For a brief rundown, life has progressed…

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In To It.

ferris wheel - it sucks to grow up

 Hey Remember That Time When I Did That Thing? When I was a kid I have to very defining moments when I did something I didn’t like, but I did it well. I played on a soccer team called The Dynamites—I generally picked flowers on the field. Your grandfather coached…

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