The World is Beautiful

We were driving into work and school this morning and there was a story on the radio about a pregnant woman being shot and losing her baby. The father was also killed. I changed the radio station because that’s not this life. That’s not our life. There is a certain amount of tragedy that one can withstand, and I’ve had enough. We don’t need it.

This isn’t shirking responsibility or acknowledgement or realism. This is me making a decision to exclude ourselves from the topics. We don’t need them. We need more love and more life and more parks and more cheeseburgers and more toys and more green grass and mosquito bites. We need to live because that’s why we’re here. You have all the time in the world to meddle, as I have done to no betterment. You have all the time in the world to see the world as I do. But today, and hopefully going forward: The World is Beautiful.

We practiced it, saying it today: “the world is beautiful.” It is, really is. There’s a shitload to explore and so many things to see and taste and smell. Let’s do those things. Let’s picnic. Let’s slide. Let’s ride on trains and boats and planes and cars. Let’s experience the world. Along with that comes a responsibility: you must be good. You should be good to others and good to yourself. To experience the world the right way, you must give back.

Let’s both be good. Let’s both be better. Let’s both see this beautiful world together, kiddo.

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