Being Grateful

Gummies are the result of science and Jesus. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN EVERYONE PLAYS NICE.

Gummies are the result of science and Jesus. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN EVERYONE PLAYS NICE.



Since 2007, life has been a series of troubles, one after the next. After 13 years of a series of financial troubles I can finally say that we’re skating through, friend. We are, finally, not living paycheck to paycheck.




For a brief rundown, life has progressed as follows:

  • part-time employment
  • overspending
  • divorce
  • repossession
  • forced resignation
  • near bankruptcy
  • tax evasion
  • tip share
  • college*
  • poor labor markets
  • government assistance
  • underemployment
  • underpayment

*to be fair, college expenses were mostly for alcohol and cigarettes.

The Arrival (No Relation to the Movie, I think)

So now, as a 32 year old “adult” I can finally say that I am not struggling financially, for the first time in my adult-ish life. I will take one quick moment from feeling elated, to focus on somber

They're like gummy bears, but longer. Gummy  Longbears. Yeah... that's it.

They’re like gummy bears, but longer. Gummy Longbears. Yeah… that’s it.

reflection; it’s a sad culture that allows people to live that lifestyle. For almost half of my life, I have struggled with having the money I need to pay for the most fundamental living expenses—and up until last year I had no health insurance and I was driving a car held together by duct tape and fortune.

We were fortunate, myself, your mother, and you. We made it because we were allowed to have Government Assistance. We relied on, for a few years, government programs to allow us to better ourselves. We took the opportunity to do so, and we wouldn’t be here today without that assistance. For this reason, you should always support Entitlement Programs or programs for people that do not have the ability to pay for their own living expenses. You would not be alive today without them.

The Ripping and the Tearing

But now, we have carved a path. We have finally began to settle into our own. We are adulting so hard, kiddo. We just needed some support.

So last month I made more money than I could spend on normal life things—coffee on occasion, lunches, rent, daycare, rent, insurance, food, whiskey, car things, etc.. I was even able to spend more money on a pair of sunglasses than I had ever previously felt comfortable (they we’re 75% off, to be fair). It takes work, kiddo. You have to work to create the lifestyle you want to have. I work a full time job and I work extra “freelance” hours to make this lifestyle happen. But I can honestly say that every hour is worth it, because life is easier when you have the money to pay for things. Despite the common saying, money absolutely buys happiness. Anyone that says otherwise is selling bullshit. Work hard, use your brain, invest the time, and you can actually do it yourself. That sounds terribly Republican of me, but the difference is I know that realize that I live a life of privilege, and other hard workers do are not as fortunate.

Everyone needs to be taken care of, kiddo. And if you fall too far into the selfish independence of our culture you’ll forget to see it.

But as for us, we’re okay. We’re going to be great. I can finally say that I am doing my job to provide for you, to make a life for us. It’s only going to get better, friend. Let’s hold on tight, because this ride is going to be fucking awesome.

I love you.



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