On Endings

on Loss

There’s never a good place to start, when it comes to talking about endings. Unfortunately we all find our way their with time. Some endings come sooner than others, well rehearsed, scripted, planned. Others by surprise and take your breath away, in a more literal sense. We had a great…

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Hate is a Strong Word

hate is a strong word - itsuckstogrowup.com

On Saturday night, June 11th, 2016, a man entered into a night club and killed 49 people. These were 49 living, breathing people that had friends, families, ambitions, and lives. These people were living their lives, enjoying themselves, letting off steam, or chasing after something—which is the same as every single person…

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Fixin’ the Unbroken.

fixing shit - itsuckstogrowup

It doesn’t happen so often as this late age, kiddo; inspiration. Sometimes you see something, read something, hear something that catches hold. It becomes a piece of you, even if it’s only temporary. The short-term displacement resonates, if only for a while. I’m watching a show called Chef’s Table on…

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