Remembering Something New

Life has a funny way of catching you off guard, friend. You’re still a sprout learning to say please, and I’ve since learned the proper usage and subsequently forgotten it. We’re in unimaginably different stages in our lives, and unbeknownst to you, still experiencing the same things together. Our planet is an incredible place, full of sights to see, people to meet, and experiences with which to submit.

I Get It. I Don’t Get It.

To you, I am always going to be the old dude that doesn’t get it. I’ve been there, and I still very much continue to feel the same way about my own parents, but perhaps, at some point in time you’ll stumble across this collection of thoughts and realize that I am still quite lost, a babe in the woods. There are complexities to life that cannot be imagined, even at my age—which, fuck you very much, is not that old—you become lost or maybe you finally find part of yourself. That’s entirely up to you and your experiences and, as you’ll also learn, they’re entirely unique to you.

I’ve had my own unique experiences this last week: Maybe a job thing or a life thing or a thing thing—for which I may go in depth in the future, if that wasn’t descriptive enough; an eventual chapter to be written still. But it’s made me realize despite being the maiden vessel in your own fleet, the very heart of you lies somewhere that is known. Those that have lived before you, with you, could perhaps share in those trials.

Being (Somewhat, But Quite) Unique

While you’re going through life, determined to be your own person, just remember that there is someone that wants to share that journey with you. For the moment, and hopefully for quite some time, I’m happy to hear about your bullshit. I’ve got my own bullshit and maybe you’ll want to be a part of mine. We’re connected, the two of us. Those connections can extend beyond us blonde-headed, flat-footed, giant top-lipped kids to others we know, like you mother of course, but people you may not expect and be, quite possibly be the least expectant of. Even when life gets a little desperate there’s always someone willing to listen.

Right now, your desperation is limited to needing water a little snuggling and a good ass-cleaning. The former I’m looking forward to moving beyond, if we’re being honest. Shit is shit in any quantity or vessel.

You and I, just like everyone else living are on a path. We’re all acquiring more lessons, more experiences, and hopefully learning and growing along the way. I may be dad to you, but I’m still just a kid trying to figure out who I am and what I’m going to do when I grow up. I get to share that with you, and one day, you’ll get to share that with someone else. It’s a good feeling, realizing that you don’t really know much. It’s part of the whole experience.

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