Banal Platitudes

banal platitudes - itsuckstogrowup

banal adj 1. lacking force or originality; trite; commonplace platitude n 1. a trite, dull, or obvious remark or statement; a commonplace So I guess the meaning, combining the two would be something like an unoriginal, obvious thought. A pretty compelling way to begin a blog that I fully expect…

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Focus on the Dust

focus on the dust - itsuckstogrowup

We have just two weeks left, living in the same house together full-time. So far, I’ve done a good job of suppressing any feelings of loss that I will undoubtedly experience later. I have, for a very long time, this very thing for so many aspects of my life. I…

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Remembering Something New

remembering something new - itsuckstogrowup

Life has a funny way of catching you off guard, friend. You’re still a sprout learning to say please, and I’ve since learned the proper usage and subsequently forgotten it. We’re in unimaginably different stages in our lives, and unbeknownst to you, still experiencing the same things together. Our planet…

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relationshits - Itsuckstogrowup

*For the record, relationships, despite what most people think, are not solely about sexy-times. Relationships are what every person experiences with anyone they interact with on a regular basis. Some of them personal, some professional, and some intimate. Every one of these archetypes have the opportunity to be or become…

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